vineri, 13 aprilie 2012

the drum-like beating heart,forever insane,forever stopped...the red hot filthy blood inside my veins turned to mud. The breathable air is lead inside my lungs,the colors are blind,the vision of death is not dead...yet...Do we dance?

Vibe, feed me your flesh, bite, to the beat, in the heat, lustfully hit, get your face away from me!!!then hit me again....

Quizzically , awakening wakes on te road to falling asleep, your dream is your escape,embrace it! Don't lose it!

Damaged and undertaken,just laws ,of human nature,human mind and body,creative and distructive,both.

What do we see? Another you,another me,just us, in other you and I,the same old lies, your very own masks, What do we see,but mirrors?...The burn of smoke of every day's fog,over and over,
Over,and over....

Un comentariu:

  1. Words are nothing... At some point, words are nothing... Because things evolve... And you can always look back, reach out and grab smoke... That's when you see it, that's when you turn and search for paths... Paths that aren't always there...