marți, 31 iulie 2012

Evil hits me like I'm his child...

...Intotdeauna,binele invinge raul...dar nu si la mine in cartier.
Cu un gand in urma,nici nu stiam ce vreau sa gandesc.Si cred ca scriu pentru mine,pentru ganduri din viitor. Iar acum cred ca suntem un tot,si avem aceeasi sursa.Dar nu, ne place sa cochetam cu violenta si sa ne mozolim cu ignoranta, ne place sa ne pedepsim.In fond, nu ajung la nicio concluzie de una singura, eu le stiu pe-ale mele. Nu merit si nu am obligatii.Nimeni nu are,defapt...Nu suntem nicicum,suntem aceiasi,cum sunt eu,esti si tu, dar mai frumos e sa ne prefacem ,sa adoptam schizofrenie si sa traim in ea. Si asta e bine, pentru ca realitatea este extrem de, mult prea,enorm de,foarte ,foarte   p l i c t i s i t o a r e!!!!  pe bune...rau!

luni, 30 iulie 2012

unbelievably toxic
all the things that i don't speak
all the things that i don't know
all the things that i DO know...
Run away,they said,run away!
but i already do and
their footsteps wouldn't fade...
they're here again.
Well i'm in need of grasping air
so much i'd want to breathe
i want i must i must i want
  !         i'd like to live         !
So what is home if not
a comfortable illusion
nothing you own,nothing you've got
nothing you want,a bad seclusion
So what is 
i dare to listen
i dare to cry
i dare ,i'd rather watch the sun ,late in the day, descending behind the mountains while
the moon rises from the sea in the horizon

marți, 8 mai 2012

Artem non odit nisi ignarus .
Artes serviunt vitæ, sapientia imperat.

 si "iubim" conditionat 

what is art?
what's an art? 
what's your art?
...the art to be apart...

joi, 19 aprilie 2012

...did the rain see you sleeping on the blanket of pure lavanders?...or did she, the fallen, embrace you,your bare feet and hands,almost naked body...? Did the wind slightly touch your still wet lips?...
i was wondering...getting into trouble...torches of wrath were burning me, lightnings from the Gods were cutting my vision...
There i was, blind for 3 days, i was unable to see the war, but i heard and felt it, i fought it...not the good fight...
Where were you?...
What did you hear?...
have no fear,have no fear!...

luni, 16 aprilie 2012

preconcepute...OZN-uri anormale...
frumosul nu e public...

prin drumul prafuit si foaaaarte murdar, intr-o mlastina sociala, sa ascunzi obiecte valoroase nu ridica prea multe suspiciuni...dar de ce? ce valoare are un obiect daca stii numai tu de el?nu mai are nicio functie, niciun rost,nicio identitate,se lasa pierdut printre sinapse infectate...infecte...le-am creat un blazon, sa nu le uit prin desisul nesanitar, dar e ilegal,am aflat...ce-o sa fac?...unde o sa dispara?...ce val de vina si noroi o sa ingroape lucrurile?...

si poate si eu ?!

vineri, 13 aprilie 2012

the drum-like beating heart,forever insane,forever stopped...the red hot filthy blood inside my veins turned to mud. The breathable air is lead inside my lungs,the colors are blind,the vision of death is not dead...yet...Do we dance?

Vibe, feed me your flesh, bite, to the beat, in the heat, lustfully hit, get your face away from me!!!then hit me again....

Quizzically , awakening wakes on te road to falling asleep, your dream is your escape,embrace it! Don't lose it!

Damaged and undertaken,just laws ,of human nature,human mind and body,creative and distructive,both.

What do we see? Another you,another me,just us, in other you and I,the same old lies, your very own masks, What do we see,but mirrors?...The burn of smoke of every day's fog,over and over,
Over,and over....